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Rare Bird !

Sat Mar 13, 1999 11:46 am

I sit at the airport on my days off and photograph airplanes. That's my hobby. If I'm lucky I see one DC10 every 2 weeks. Where the hell are they. I have an easier time seeing DC8's. And forget about L1011's. I miss seeing them.
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RE: Rare Bird !

Sat Mar 13, 1999 12:01 pm


You do not say what airport you are at, but at the airport(s) I go to there are many DC-10s and Tristars. Ghana Airways are a very frequent visitor with their DC-10 and BWIA fly their Tristar here quite often. I'am of course talking about LHR.

The Tristar can be seen frequently at LGW too, notably with Peach Air. I have not been there recently though, so this could have changed.

The L1011 is one of my favourite aircraft, but I fear before too long it will become very difficult to find one anywhere.


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RE: Rare Bird !

Sat Mar 13, 1999 2:34 pm

At SFO, DEN and HNL, the DC-10's can be seen VERY often as UA flies a signif. amount of these birds between the three cities. There are a lot of AA DC-10's at LAX, as well as JFK and other main cities. I, too, have not seen an L1011 in a long time. The last time that I have seen one was at LHR over a year ago. I hate to see them leave the skies!

RE: Rare Bird !

Sat Mar 13, 1999 6:33 pm

Where are you at? I work at LAX, you see nothing but DC-10s and Tristars....American and United still fly quite a few, Delta still has the Tristar flying out of there too. I must say i'll miss the DC-10 when it's gone, it's my favorite aircraft, i hated seeing them sitting in storage in Las Vegas
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RE: Rare Bird !

Sat Mar 13, 1999 9:00 pm

G'day All..
l must confess that l haven't been out to the airport for a while, but the good old DC-10 is becoming a rare site down this end of the world also..:-( and as for the L-1011, you'd chuck a party if one found it's way down here in Melbourne...

Oh well............

See yah...


RE: Rare Bird !

Sat Mar 13, 1999 11:12 pm

There are other airports around the world. Here in FAO I see DC-10's from Premiair, Monarch, Condor and L1011's from Caledonian, Peach Air, Air Transat, Air Atlanta and Air Luxor.

Mirage, Faro, Portugal

RE: Rare Bird !

Sat Mar 13, 1999 11:41 pm

A good place to spot L-1011s I believe is Atlanta. Delta has about 30 of these beautiful oldies still in service. But you better hurry, they will dissappear within the next three years. I flew on one from Atlanta to Boston not too long ago and it was quite on experience. You could feel the excitement of the old fellow up in the front bringing his baby into Logan. I used to fly them over the Atlantic into London and Frankfurt all the time from ATL or CVG, it surely will be a sad day when Delta says good-bye to its last one.


Sun Mar 14, 1999 1:56 am

There are Delta's L-1011s flying in to FLL and MIA daily. But only DC-10 in FLL i see are from FedEx and Laker.

In MIA, I saw the Challenage Air Cargo DC-10-40 that was from JAL - Japan Airlines. Now seeing a PW-powered DC-10 is very rare...
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RE: Rare Bird !

Sun Mar 14, 1999 6:22 am

I remember sitting at LAX taking pics back in 1970. I miss those days of seeing the early 747s not to mention the good ol' JT-8s from the narrowbodies spewing a mile long trail of soot.