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Mystery Convair?

Sat Mar 13, 1999 11:21 pm

Has anyone ever seen an old movie called "Fate Is The Hunter" (1960?), with Glen Ford? It is about an airliner accident/investigation and the aircraft used in the movie, I have heard was a prototype Convair short/medium jetliner. The aircraft had two rear mounted engines and the tailplane looked a bit like a Caravelle. Does anyone know any more about this plane and what happened to it. In the movie the plane is only seen taxiing and used the fictitious airline name "Consolidated Airlines". Chris
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RE: Mystery Convair?

Mon Mar 15, 1999 1:59 am

I have seen the movie and I remember the strange-looking aircraft.
Speaking of Convairs, if you want to see a good shot of a Convair 880 taxiing, watch "Dog Day Afternoon" next time it is shown. At the end, a Modern Air 880 pulls up to take the bank robbers out of the country. I couldn't see the tail number though.

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