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The new PSA

Sun Mar 14, 1999 1:38 am

Does anyone have any info on the new PSA airlines? I know they are a US Airways owned Express carrier based in OH. They fly the DO 328 and do most of their flying in the Northeast. Looking for website, routes, history, executives etc.

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RE: The new PSA

Sun Mar 14, 1999 4:21 pm

We have PSA in IAD. I parked one Do-328 today.
Very frendly pilots and FAs

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RE: The new PSA

Sun Mar 14, 1999 4:34 pm

Are you aware of the other new PSA? A business man has bought the Pacific Southwest Airlines name, and plans to start service out of Long Beach, CA this year. He decided, though, to add a couple of letters to the airline's name, so when it starts flying, it will be called PSAzz.