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Any VC-10s still around?

Mon Nov 16, 1998 11:20 am

Do any of you guys know if there are any VC-10s still in flying condition? I don't think there are any airlines still using the VC-10 but there could be a few VIP transport versions still floating around. Does anyone know of any?

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RE: Any VC-10s still around?

Mon Nov 16, 1998 1:12 pm

The R.A.F. uses VC-10s as refuelling aircraft.
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RE: Any VC-10s still around?

Tue Nov 17, 1998 7:16 am

I have found the VC-10 to be an very elegant aircraft, perhaps one of the most beautiful aircrafts ever built in aviation history. It's a pity not that many were built, it could have been a nice competitor to the US rivals Boeing 707 and DC-8.
You're right, only the Royal Air Force still flies the VC-10 today. British Airways (formerly BOAC) retired its last VC-10 in 1981.
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