Directions To The Worlds Best Spotters Site At MIA

Sun Oct 01, 2000 10:37 am

Head west on Doral Blvd. N.W. 36 St. (in Miami Springs). Take a left on 57th Ave. Then take a right on Arrow Air Blvd. / Permeter Rd. Next take a left on N.W. 59th Ave. Take 59th all the way to where it dead ends. There you will find a dirt mound that you can either drive or walk up on to. This mound is right up against the security fence and has a kick-ass view (and I mean one of the worlds best locations/views for spotters) of Runway 27 R West. There's also a taxiway about 20 ft. in front of you where when a 747 goes by it's a sight, sound and smell you can never forget! While there last week I met two spotters from Ireland who came to Miami just to take photos from this site. There is also a boneyard to the left of this area where one can watch the sad fate of 727-100's and a L-1011 being dismantled for parts. Please let me know if you have been to this site.
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RE: Directions To The Worlds Best Spotters Site At MIA

Sun Oct 01, 2000 10:48 am

I was just there at MIA less than 10 days ago (I drove there - 850 mi from where I live. Well, ok, I didn't drive 850 miles JUST to go to MIA; I was on vacation but managed some time to do some spotting.)

I don't recall seeing this mound but I did drive down one street to the end (fence) in that general area and it was o.k. It was near where Atlas was unloading their 747-200 N809MC (I think that was the #) I took a bunch of photos which I hope to develop & attempt to upload next week.

I did not see the boneyard I had seen last year. That area where the old planes were resting in peace was cleared to concrete & grass. There's a great place to take pics right off runway 12 near customs. did you go there too?
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RE: Directions To The Worlds Best Spotters Site At MIA

Sun Oct 01, 2000 11:28 am

I totaly agree with Pty, it is the best place for pix @ MIA. Bruce must have went down the road to the U.S. Customs trailer where you will be right next to Atlas Air's ramp.