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What Do You Think Of Old 707s Still Flying?

Mon Oct 02, 2000 10:12 pm

Well, it happened again. On 21 September, Togo Government's 707-312
was written off after its landing gear collapsed and a fire broke out. By great
luck no one was hurt (there were 8 on board). This is the second old 707 to
crash this year, and there were quite a few 707s and DC-8s from developing
countries that crashed these several past years. Often something seems to be
the cause that may not have happened if the plane were newer and properly
maintained. (Landing gear in this case. A recent one had engine trouble just
like one a few years back). Can anyone vouch for the maintenance of any of
these planes? One was written off recently which could have been repaired,
but had some 30 things in need of repair. How would you feel in a "golden era
bird" flying in a 3d-world operator's colors?