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Juneyao Airlines (HO)banned From Hiring Pilots

Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:29 pm

China has banned Juneyao Airlines from hiring any more foreign pilots, ordered them to reduce their flight schedules by 10% and halt their expansion plans after a HO flight refused to yield its airspace to a QR flight that had issued a mayday going into PVG.

Unusual punishment?
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RE: Juneyao Airlines (HO)banned From Hiring Pilots

Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:54 pm

I think the Juneyao pilot behaved in a reckless manner. And given how much China has had to do to get its airlines in order (not having an accident every few months) as it was happening a few years ago, they had to act in a manner that would make an example of this idiot and send a message to the world that they are serious about safety in transportation. Keep in mind they recently had a high speed rail crash.

Unusual?, maybe, unexpected? well the only reason the Captain wasn´t send to jail was because he was not a Chinese citizen. Besides, although the article says the Qatari plane had only 18 mins of fuel remaining, it still had the 30 mins. reserve, but it was forced to declare an emergency when the tower told him the Juneyao plan would not give way. Now, if it had actually run out of fuel over the middle of Shangai, it would have been a major mess.
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RE: Juneyao Airlines (HO)banned From Hiring Pilots

Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:05 pm

That Juneyao pilot should have some serious repercussions for doing what he did. I mean what kind of pilot refused SIX TIMES to let another aircraft land when they're running out of fuel. He shouldn't be let anywhere near a plane ever again. Despicable.

The punishment for Juneyao is biazarre, and out of line for the industry UNLESS it was Juneyao's training that told him to act like this. The Chinese govt have just proved how unfriendly they can be to private business in China. Upcoming flights: LHR-CDG,LHR-BKK-AKL-TBU,EUA-TBU-NAN-WLG,WHK-AKL-BKK-LHR