IAH Speed Control

Thu Oct 05, 2000 10:55 am

I heard (or read, don't remember) a while back that aircraft arriving and departing IAH are not speed controlled... the way I understood is that pilots don't have to follow certain speeds when departing and arriving or something.

I'm really interested in learning more about this, and for somebody to correct me if I'm explaining it wrong.
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RE: IAH Speed Control

Thu Oct 05, 2000 1:19 pm

I know for a fact that this is true. I know a CO captian on a 737. There are no speed limits when planes are departing except to the south over the city. Other airports that bend the rule are places like Lax and SFO when they are departing over the ocean. There is a very gray area when it comes to this rule. This has been broken a lot more in the past years as delays are rising. I think 300 knots should be the rule below 10000ft rather than 250.
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RE: IAH Speed Control

Thu Oct 05, 2000 8:15 pm

Almost right. IAH is the only airport in the country where we can delete the 250 speed restriction if it is approved by departure control. It is not applicable to inbounds.

It is a test program that as far as I know everyone likes. I have gotten the deletion headed south, but not often.

Over the ocean (LAX SFO) you're refering to the 12 mile limit. Outside of this, below 10,000, there is no speed limit. No one bends the rule, it is where this 12 mile limit comes into play.