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Report: Pilot Error Caused Yak-42 Crash

Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:14 pm


The latest report from Russian authorities are pointing to pilot error as the cause of the crash that killed the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslav KHL hockey team last month. The report says that for some reason or another one of the pilots either hit the brakes or failed to release them which meant the plane couldn't reach takeoff speed and went off the end of the runway.

It doesn't chage the tragedy but in a way it does make me feel better about it that it wasn't a mechanical issue or the like that could have potentially put other planes at risk. Being a huge hockey fan, this crash shocked me quite a bit and I've been a bit on edge about other teams still flying around if it was possibly a problem with the plane or the airline's maintenence procedures.

By the way, a fan group has started raising money for the familys of the team by selling wristbands. Several NHL teams have joined in and and have been selling them at games but they're also available online. I figured I would mention it if any of you wanted to contribute, they're at http://www.loveforlokomotiv.com