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Thai Flights.

Thu Oct 05, 2000 10:25 pm

Hello everyone,

In about 2 weeks I will be flying with either Singapore or Thai from Sydney to Athens. Now I know about SQ because Ive been on them before, but Id like your impressions on Thai, because it is more likely the flight will be with them.
Do they have PTV's? Ive heard only on there 777's, of which only one leg of the return trip will be on. How is their service, cuisine, and experience generally?
I thank you in advance for any comments or insights.

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RE: Thai Flights.

Thu Oct 05, 2000 10:27 pm

Hello Sydneyboy,

You can expect good thing from Thai. They have ggod food, good service.. etc. But one thing, if you are not on their B777s, I don't think there are any PTVs on any other aircrafts. But do expect good things from them. Anyway, enjoy your trip and all the best!!!

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RE: Thai Flights.

Thu Oct 05, 2000 10:36 pm

Yes, Thai is great Airline. They offer a great service, not like Qantas. A friend told me that he did not get anything to drink on the Singapore-FRA route for 5 hours! Is that service???!! The FA's served Dinner, after that they went sleeping and after 10 hours they served the breakfast!!
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RE: Thai Flights.

Thu Oct 05, 2000 11:38 pm

Hi Sydneyboy,

Thai is a good airline. Their meals are tasty and of a decent portion! So, you shouldn't be hungry at all throughout the flight.
As to PTV's, Mr. BA is right. The European sector of your flight is likely to be a night one anyway, so PTV or not, it doesn't matter too much. Anyway, some airlines PTV's are so small in Y class that sometimes you'll prefer a big screen!


RE: Thai Flights.

Fri Oct 06, 2000 12:46 am

I've flown Thai twice... NEVER AGAIN!

Their Slogan may be "Thai, as smooth as silk"
*my impression of it is "Thai, as smooth as sh**"

Hope this helps...more info?

RE: Thai Flights.

Fri Oct 06, 2000 2:00 am

Thai is decent, but I didn't think they were very special. The food was somewhere between average and nasty, and the seats (on the 777-300) were uncomfortably cramped and didn't recline very far. There were no PTVs in coach on the 773. The cabin service was average...nothing too exciting. I've never flown SQ, so I don't know how it compares.
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RE: Thai Flights.

Fri Oct 06, 2000 3:04 am

I've flown Thai a good few times! They definetly serve very nice food and the FAs are really nice, not like on some other airlines. Try not to end up on a B777 200 as it has 3-4-3 seating! I flew on the B737 400 on my BKK-Phuket and on a B777 300 (3-3-3 seating) Phuket-BKK. The seats and seatpitch were reasonable both ways! I can confirm that there are not ptvs on any Thai plane in economy. If you fly on the B737 400 try not to get row 34 as it is the seat without window. I got that on the way going and was very angry as I has asked for a window seat!

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