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B 737-800

Mon Mar 15, 1999 7:31 am

Hi :

I am wondering if you have had a chance to fly with any B 737-800 ...
Is B 737-800 a wide-bodied aircraft ? Is it a comfortable aircraft for a 4 hour routing from ORD to LAX ?
American Airlines has begun using B 737-800 in its routings. Thanks

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RE: B 737-800

Mon Mar 15, 1999 7:36 am

It's not a wide body aircraft. The wide bodies must have at least 2 corridors.
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RE: B 737-800

Mon Mar 15, 1999 9:01 am

The 737-800, like all 737s, is a narrow body aircraft. Generally, narrow body = one aisle, and wide body = two aisles. I haven't flown a 737-800, but I have flown LAX-MCO and LAX-ATL on a Delta 757 (same cabin width, but longer fuselage) and I've found the seats to be a bit narrow for long flights, a common complaint with the Boeing narrowbodies (the 707, 727, 737, and 757 all have the same fuselage width). It also depends on the individual airline, but mostly on seat pitch (distance from the back of the seat in front of you to the back of your seat).

I would fly a 737-800 ORD-LAX if it worked out best for me, but if it came down to a 737 vs a Boeing widebody or any Douglas or Airbus aircraft, all else being equal, I'd probably choose against the 737.
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RE: B 737-800

Mon Mar 15, 1999 9:20 am

I have flown on a Continental 737-800 for Seattle to Newark just recently this winter. I thought it was a very comfortable aircraft to fly on. It is just basically like flying on any other 737 aircraft but the -800 is longer.

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RE: B737-800question for US Airways

Mon Mar 15, 1999 10:01 am

Thats interesting that you flew it Newark-Seattle since I will be taking that flight next week. How was Coninental's service and food on that flight? Also, I assume the 737-800 has movies but I am of course worried so can you just reassure me about that?

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RE: B737-800question for US Airways

Tue Mar 16, 1999 12:36 am


I have been on Continental 737-800 last November. Flight from DCA to EWR, and I dont really remember TV screens inside. It was long time ago, since that time I had flew on many many more 737s

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