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747-100/200 Upper Window Rows

Fri Oct 06, 2000 2:17 am

Most Boeing 747-200s have a row of about 8 or 10 windows on each side of the
top bubble, accomodating upstairs seating. However, some early -200s (eg. ex-
Swissair) have the original 3 windows on each side, intended for, as far as I
know, a first-class lounge that may not be profitable any more. Which airlines had
-200s with only 3 windows on each side? As for the -100s, many of the relatively
few built had 3 windows (Pan American, Air France) but -124s sold to Avianca
had the full row, and I've heard that some American airline plugged the full
row for fleet commonality early on (it got both full and 3 windowed 747s). WHo
was this and did they ever fly anmy 747-100/200 with the full row? Another
airline apparently spent a lot of money adding the full row. Who? Finally, I saw
747-100s of Air Canada with the full row (pictures on this site) and some without it.
How did this come about?
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RE: 747-100/200 Upper Window Rows

Fri Oct 06, 2000 2:31 am

The number of windows each side was, originally 3 because of the "Upper Deck Lounge".

The whole system got messy when some airlines wanted seats in the upper deck and passengers wanted windows.

Then many airlines, British Airways was one, "converted" its 100srs to match the 200s in the fleet, including increasing the upper deck windows.

The subject would make an interesting, if a little obscure, study.
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RE: 747-100/200 Upper Window Rows

Fri Oct 06, 2000 2:44 am

Braniff had at least one:

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