How Are The Australian Low-Fare Airlines Doing?

Fri Oct 06, 2000 5:14 am

Just curious as to how Virgin Blue and Impulse are doing in the low-fare market...

Here there haven't been any indicators as to the success or failiure of these airlines. Is one doing better than the other?
Virgin's startup problems can't have gone down that well, and they have foreign ownership, while Impulse is Aussie.

What has been the response of Ansett and Qantas, airlines that have enjoyed almost a duopoly for some time, and are now having to respond, not only to new competition, but also low-fare competition...

How are Australians getting used to low-fare service? I've heard that Virgin Blue are trying to make their flights "fun" Sometimes corporate engineered "fun" ideas just end up being contrived and tacky. I think staff are the most important part of the low fare airlines service, and how they can differentiate themselves from the competition. There are no meals, films, lounges, First Class seats, only the groundstaff and cabin crew to make the difference - people who can genuinely make you enjoy their journey just through the force of their personality.

G' Nite