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Good TWA News

Fri Oct 06, 2000 9:53 am

I have heard that the airline will start to fly charters out of JFK to cuba useing a MD-80. Can anyone comfirm? I have heard this from many people, hopefully they are right.
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RE: Good TWA News

Fri Oct 06, 2000 10:38 am

I hope it's true. TWA's JFK hub can not only serve European destinations but Carribean destinations as well. I hope that TWA can one day come back to Asia and make a killing in Europe. Preferably LHR now that BM can fly to the US. I hope TW can be that one airline allowed to fly to LHR. Since TWA is becoming to be a favorite with many in the hispanic community ( the JFK-San Juan route is a fav among hispanics) I know who fly out of JFK. Maybe they can compete with AA since just about every hispanic is sick and tired of AA's problems with service, delays, cancelations and lousy service. Many people on whom i've talked to also missed the excellent service to the Carribbean and Latin America out of JFK on the old PAN AM.
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RE: Good TWA News

Sun Oct 08, 2000 2:15 am

Im afraid BD are only allowed to fly out of Manchester to start off with, so there will not be another US carrier at LHR for a while, anyway CO or DL will be granted access first.
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