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Biman Bangladesh Modernization

Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:44 pm

Can anyone comment on how Biman's modernization is going? Between the new aircraft, reduced network, privatization, etc has there been any significant improvement at the airline? For a good while a.net seemed pretty convinced it was the single worst major carrier globally... Is this still anything like true?

That aside, with another three 777s coming is there any realistic chance of the UK flights being re-extended to JFK in the near future?
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RE: Biman Bangladesh Modernization

Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:48 pm

I'm glad that someone started a thread on this. Yes, Biman's reputation was pretty much in the hole. Hopefully with the fleet modernization and some internal restructuring, things will be on the move. But having followed this airline for my entire lifetime, you can never be sure of logical or reasonable decisions with the Bangladesh Government - so brace for downturns or stupid moves as well. We could discuss many of the underlying factors ... management, route planning, inflight service, ground service (both technical and customer), financials, and fleet.

Starting with the last, I think the fleet modernization plan was pretty good this time around - taking care of long haul, heavy traffic, and regional markets - with 4 77Ws, 4 788s, and 4 738s. The second new 77W 'The Arun Alo' is about to be handed over. News sources mentioned DAC-LHR-MAN-DAC and DAC-FCO-MXP-DAC routings. I am not sure how much the Italy traffic is these days - but UK is certainly a good market to be utilized where the Gulf carriers are making a killing. So I hope BG has plans to introduce as many non-stop UK flights as possible before turning to other new routes.

But going to the first item ... 'management' is still a major issue. Firstly, the Managing Director is NEVER a person who understands airline business for a living. Biman always seems to have government or defense appointees that run it like a 'project' for a few years. That has to change!!!