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Iran CAO Chief Nakhjavani Criticizes Icao Members

Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:53 pm

The chairman of the Iranian CAO (civil aviation organization) Reza Nakhjavani has been quoted by the Iranian press as stating that certain ICAO member states have been engaged in an "anti-Iran" approach:


Given the fact that the US is an ICAO member, and is also engaged in a comprehensive effort to apply sanctions to much of Iran's economy, there appears to be a grain of truth to what Nakhjavani says. However in the context of ICAO can this really be considered to be "discriminatory"? As far as I am aware, Iran remains a member of ICAO and remains obliged to follow the same rules as all other ICAO member states.

Is anyone aware of an example where ICAO has treated Iran differently from other member states, or treated Iran unfairly?

Nakhjavani also said that "Iran had only 20 passenger planes when the Islamic Revolution was culminated in 1979, but, currently Iran has over 200 operational planes".

Are there really 200 passenger planes in Iran? I know that Iran Air and Mahan Air are by far the largest airlines in Iran and their combined fleets are way short of 100 aircraft - so where are the other 100+? Interestingly Nakhjavani didn't say anything about Iran's safety record as a result of the ten fold increase in passenger aircraft.