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LAX Remote Terminals?

Mon Mar 15, 1999 7:27 pm

Do any airlines or aircraft use the remote terminals at LAX alot. Everytime I take-off at LAX I don't ever see aircraft at those terminals. I think one time I saw a Asiana Airlines 747-400 and a Mexicana 727-200. Also I have seen the buses that take the passengers to the main terminal but do alot of airlines use the remote terminals and do any domestic airlines use them?

Also, how many aircraft can park at the remote terminals?

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RE: LAX Remote Terminals?

Tue Mar 16, 1999 12:30 am

I think Tower Air uses them regularly. THey have to bus to the terminal

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RE: LAX Remote Terminals?

Tue Mar 16, 1999 4:17 am

It depends, there are some days when i see the remotes full, they are usually international airlines. Although World Airways makes regular visits there, and i've seen Americans DC-10s there. But as i said for the most part its international airlines that patronize the gates there. There are 2 original remotes, i think they each hold 2 planes, then there are 4 new ones (i think) or is it 2 rows of 4 terminals....But regardless the new ones hold a plane each i believe