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Virgin Atlantic - Calls/sms/data Now Inflight

Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:25 pm

Virgin join Emirates and Malaysian in allowing mobiles onboard...

Currently available on the 2 x A330's and will be on all 10 x 330's next year and the refitted LGW 747 leisure fleet in 2012.


A brand new innovation on our aircraft, Aeromobile is going to completely change the way you communicate in the air.

Instead of spending a fortune using satellite phones, this new system’s charges are exactly the same as they would be if you were roaming from another country. Plus, the calls and texts will be added to your mobile bill after you’ve flown, so there’s no nasty credit card bills.

Best thing is, it isn’t dangerous. This new technology means your phone connects to our network using its lowest settings. This takes away the risk of lots of different phones interfering with our onboard electronics.

Our crew will make an announcement when it’s safe to turn on your phone. As ever, on take off and landing, your phone must be turned off.

As long as your phone is activated for international roaming, you can use it to make calls, receive texts, and, on Blackberrys, receive email. If you’re a user of another kind of smartphone, you should turn data roaming off, as your phone receives email in a different way. The service will be slow, and the costs will be quite high.

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