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Raging Passenger Killed On Southwest Flight

Sat Oct 07, 2000 1:23 pm

I read in Time magazine: A passenger was aboard a Southwest Flight from Las Vegas (LAS) to Salt Lake City (SLC). The night before he had watched a plane crashes special on TV. Before desent, he stormed the cabin up and down until finally opeining the cockpit door and screaming "I can fly this plane" about 5 passengers took him down and kept him still on the floor. One passenger sitting nearby said that one man kept jumping on the mans chest with his knees. The raging passenger died in a Salt Lake City hospital due to brain damagew and internal bleeding. Many say this was too extreme, but others say this was right because he could have killed all the 100+ people on board. SHould the man just kept the ragaing attacker still after he got him down? Personally i say they should have kept him down and not killed him. But ofcourse this was not the intention of the man who jumped on him. The whole plane was aware of this by the way. What do you think?

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RE: Raging Passenger Killed On Southwest Flight

Sat Oct 07, 2000 1:59 pm

That sounds unbelievable. Pls advise re the date and flight, or at least the issue of Time.

RE: Raging Passenger Killed On Southwest Flight

Sat Oct 07, 2000 2:04 pm

This has been discussed to death here, if you pardon my phrasing. Your details are way off but you're generally right. The guy, 19 years old, had air rage, busted through the cockpit door, and was killed by his fellow passengers.

Not only is it true, but here is the police report. Funny, I posted a link to this earlier today but got no response. We'll see this time.

For the rest, go to, click on "archive", then click on "Homicide at 17,000 feet"


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