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Tu204 RA-64011 Pilots Sentenced 1 Year Probation

Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:36 pm

Sorry this is old news, I didn't see any posts about it and I thought this might interest a few.
So here we go: http://www.gazeta.ru/social/2011/03/30/3570541.shtml (In Russian - Google Translate is your friend)
To Summarise:
The pilots of the Tupolev Tu-204 that crashed at Domodedovo on March 22, 2010 have been sentenced to 1 year probation and 1 year suspension of their Pilot Certificates. (Captain Alexander Kosyakov and First Officer Alexei Mikhailovsky)
Prosecution asked for a 1 year probation and a 3 year suspension but the "victims" (ferry flight; only the mechanic and the flight attendants suffered injuries, no pax on board) took the side of the pilots and the judge lowered the sentence. The prosecutor noted that it was a miracle nobody died.
The crew asked the judge to not suspend their Pilot Licenses for any period at all as they felt this would be too harsh of a sentence for the two pilots.
Both pilots fully accepted responsibility for their actions.

To summarise the actual crash:
During approach in marginal weather conditions, the flight descended below minimums and impacted the ground 1.5km short of the runway at DME. On approach their autoland cut out and the pilots continued approach while busting their minimums. I have read the MAK report and would like to add that the CRM of the Captain was marginal at best (During the approach he said "Ok Guys, monitor everything" to the flight crew instead of clearly delegating roles. The psychological profile of the Captain stated that while he was a good pilot, he was "an incompetent commander at best")

In my opinion, the sentence handed down towards the Pilot in Command was just, but the FO in this case was more or less innocent. His only fault was not executing a go-around in a timely manner.
Their charges were part 1 article 263 Penal Code of the Russian Federation "violation of regulations during the operation of an aircraft, leading to severe injuries to a human being"
It is also notable that the FO currently holds the position of FO with the airline, I am assuming that he is employed on base pay (pilots in Russia are payed by the hour, but with a base salary of about $300/month)

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