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The Old Days: Expedited Arrival Idlewild

Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:52 pm

Aviation Week 27 July 1959 p51:

"I was working the morning DC-6 flight, Flight 274, out of Washington. My partner was Ben Fields.

"8:21 a.m. Flight 274 reports to the New York Center over the Columbus, N.J., intersection at 7,000 ft."

(In 5/59 AA had a flight 274 out of DCA scheduled into LGA at 0855 EDT. "Columbus" was on the RBV 249-deg radial and the PTW 113-deg, so at about 40.07 N 74.78 W.)

"8:22 a.m. Jet airliner, Flight 10, reports approaching Allentown, Pa., at 24,000 ft. with a minor fuel problem and requests an expeditious clearance to Idlewild."

(In 5/59 AA had LAX-IDL flight 10 due to arrive 0725. One wonders why the narrator is hearing flight 10-- Allentown VOR was then in the same spot as now, 50 nm NW of Columbus. That many arrivals were on the same freq?)

"8:24 a.m. Jet Flight 10 reports over Allentown. The New York Center clears Jet 10 to descend to 18,000 ft.

"8:25 a.m. Flight 274 reports the ability to maintain visual flight conditions in order to allow Jet 10 an unrestricted descent."

(Everybody else in the neighborhood did likewise?)

"8:27 a.m. Jet 10 requests a direct steer toward Idlewild, an unrestricted descent and immediate priority landing clearance.

"8:31 a.m. Jet 10 arrives over Idlewild at 9,000 ft, lets down over the field and lands without further ado around 8:33 a.m. Subsequent investigation disclosed that a faulty fuel quantity gage, plus the momentary flicker of a fuel warning light, had caused the cockpit consternation. The captain wisely chose a quick landing."

(It was quick, all right-- Allentown is 76 nm from IDL.)

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