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SQ A380 In MUC?

Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:50 pm

What's an SQ A380 doing in MUC? Just flying out tonight MUC-LEJ and driving into the airport, there it was, standing at some of the furthest gates (not the main/Lufthansa part of the terminal).
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RE: SQ A380 In MUC?

Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:07 pm

It's a diversion from ZRH, probably due to weather. It's ridiculously stormy in Europe.

Edit: Indeed, it's a weather related diversion.

Apparently it approached runway 14 at ZRH, had to go-around after being hit by wind shear, and subsequently diverted to MUC. AA0064 (JFK-ZRH) diverted to MXP for the same reason. The winds were actually stronger at MUC, but due to the surrounding, flat terrain and the runway heading, crosswinds and wind shear are significantly less severe.

Weather at the time of diversion:

LSZH 050650Z 22016G27KT 180V250 9999 -RA FEW016 SCT025 BKN045 05/01 Q1009 TEMPO RA

EDDM 050650Z 25035G47KT 9999 -RA SCT040 BKN050 06/M00 Q1001 NOSIG

Flight was SQ0346, Reg of the involved aircraft 9V-SKN, parked on position 142. It left Munich at 16.42 local time for ZRH, apparently without passengers or bags. Crew timed out and headed to the hotel, and a new crew had to be flown in from LHR, hence the major delay. It finally arrived ZRH at 18.10 local time, with a total delay of 10hrs30min. Take-off at ZRH is now scheduled at 20.10 local time. (The short turn around at ZRH suggests it arrived empty and cleaned already, and that passengers were probably re-booked on LH connecting flights ex MUC, or booked on the train to ZRH.)

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RE: SQ A380 In MUC?

Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:57 pm

Hi loveofflying

you can find at the end of the tread New Swiss Aviation Thread No. 28 (by NZ1 Nov 9 2011 in Civil Aviation) more information about this.

Schedule time of departure in ZRH is 21.30LT to SIN.

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