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AA's MD-11s

Sun Oct 08, 2000 11:28 am

Where does AA fly there MD-11s? I know they fly them DFW-LGW, but where else do they fly? How many are currently in AA's fleet? Does anyone know the exact date they will be retired?
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Sun Oct 08, 2000 12:28 pm

I know the answer to part of your question... they have 8 left.
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Sun Oct 08, 2000 1:26 pm

They're not really being "retired". AA was initially disenchanted enough with their performance on the routes for which they originally purchased them that they made a deal to unload them to FedEx, which loves MD11s. AA has subsequently got them running well enough, and has a couple of routes for which they have range and capacity not readily available from a sufficient number of other aircraft in the fleet. Accordingly, they apparently have decided to hold a few of them a little longer to cover certain longer routes until they take delivery of appropriate replacement aircraft. I'm not familiar enough with AA to know what they plan to use as replacements, though.

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RE: AA's MD-11s

Sun Oct 08, 2000 1:29 pm

Can you say 777?
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Sun Oct 08, 2000 10:00 pm

There are 2 assigned to the DFW-SCL route. The rest I believe serve LHR or LGW from various points.

I think they are down to about 10 more or less, and if I recall correctly they deal with Fed-EX has all of them delivered to them by June 2001. AA will do all the heavy maint. on them tho for a long time at the Alliance,Texas facility.
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Mon Oct 09, 2000 2:30 am

AA also has md-11s daily for the DFW-GRU route, there goes 2 more md-11s, and occasionally an md-11 will pop up on flight 907 from MIA-GRU. do any AA md-11s have the new navy blue interiors, or are they that light blue?
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Mon Oct 09, 2000 3:43 am

They also schedule M11s on DFW-FRA route. The777Man
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Mon Oct 09, 2000 4:42 am

They are used on the DFW-GRU (Sao Paulo) and on the MIA-EZE (Buenos Aires), routes.
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Mon Oct 09, 2000 4:47 am

The fleet of 777-223ERs have replaced the MD11s on several of their former routes and will ultimately replace the type entirely. AA has 34 777s either in service or on order.

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RE: AA's MD-11s

Mon Oct 09, 2000 4:55 am

Haven't the 777's replaced the MD11's on MIA-EZE already?
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Mon Oct 09, 2000 5:22 am

Actually, AA now has 45 777s on order.
The MD11s will be here until 2003.
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RE: AA's MD-11s

Mon Oct 09, 2000 7:12 am

AA replaced the MD11 in the route MIA EZE,both flights, for 777.First 777 replaced the MD11 in june and the second in june.In december the 777 will replace the 767 in the JFK EZE route.