Crossair/Balair Merger

Sun Oct 08, 2000 9:02 pm


Just heard in the news that it's possible Crossair and Balair go together.
Both Crossair and Balair are a part of the SAirGroup so it would be a good move in my eyes. But what happens? Does Balair disappear or is it even possible that Crossair disappears and that SAir gives them a new name?

Has anybody infos about that?

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RE: Crossair/Balair Merger

Mon Oct 09, 2000 3:57 am

Thats new to me,
but i dont think Crossair will change their name, its too well known.
In my eyes, it would be more likely that Balair will disappear.

BTW, I would love to see a B757 in Crossair colours.

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