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Question On FedEx China Ops 30 Jan 2012

Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:08 am

I sent a package to USA this morning via FedEx in Beijing. I was told that there were no flights today due to the 'fog' (read: smog) and weather.....and that there may be no flights tomorrow for the same reason. The weather today in Beijing was a bit hazy, but certainly not bad by Beijing standards. Indeed, several colleagues arriving back at PEK reported minor or no delays. I asked if perhaps PEK service (or even the CAN hub) disruption was due more to light demand as the Spring Festival holiday has just concluded, but was assured that the cancellations were weather related.

Is anyone familiar with the FedEx China operations? Are there indeed service disruptions because of the weather, or are we seeing a post-holiday light schedule? Thanks.