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Flight Attendents

Mon Oct 09, 2000 3:36 am

Does anyone know what flight attendents say for the "safety speech" before departing? You know like "please fasten your seatbelts" that kind of thing,I would really like to know!!! Thanks!
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RE: Flight Attendents

Mon Oct 09, 2000 3:54 am

On aircraft that are video equipped, the breifing is done that way. Everything safety wise is covered, including where the exits are, how to operate them, brace positions, how to use the oxygen masks, how to use the life jackets, etc. If you really are nervious (I'm guessing from your user name) don't be. I fly all the time, and it really can be a lot of fun if you make it. I hope this helped, and I hope that you enjoy all of your future air travel.
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RE: Flight Attendents

Mon Oct 09, 2000 3:54 am

Pre Departure: Carry on items
Ladies and Gentlemen, good __________, and wecome aboard United flight __________ with service to to__________. Before Departure I would like to review a few saftey items with you. Please make sure that all of your carry on items are properly put away in an overhead compartment, or underneath the seat infront of you, making sure that all asiles and exits are clear."

"Please do not place detachable luggage carts in an overhead compartment, as they may cause other items to fall. Carts as well as heavy items should be place under the seat infront of you. All item in an overhead compartment should lie as flat as possible. If you are having any problems with your carry on items, please ask a flight attendant for assistance.

Electronic Devices
Portable elctronic devices, such as CD players, calculators, and laptop computers should now be turned off and remain off until 10 minutes after take off. Radios and remote control devices are not premitted for use onboard the aircraft at anytime.

Seat Belt
Before mwe can move from the gate, all customers must be in their seats with their seatbelts fastened. So, may we ask those of you still standing to please take your seats now, fasten your seatbelts, and put your tray tables away.

Door Preperation
Cellular phones may no longer be used until we are parked at the gate of our destination. As a reminder, all other elcetronic devices must now be turned off and remain so until ten m inutes after take off.

Flight Attendants, arm doors for departure

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