Mon Oct 09, 2000 12:04 pm

where is idelwiled airport?
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RE: Idelwiled

Mon Oct 09, 2000 12:20 pm

Its what is now known at JFK airport in New York City. That was the former name. I think it's spelt Idlewild.

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RE: Idelwiled

Mon Oct 09, 2000 4:39 pm

I believe it was called that because the airport was built on the former Idlewild golf course.
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JFk Back In The 50's, 60's, 70's

Mon Oct 09, 2000 6:04 pm

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RE: Idelwiled

Mon Oct 09, 2000 7:04 pm

That reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode (black and white, of course). The airliner "somehow" got thrown back in time (via some storm or cloud formation, i can't remember) and was trying to hail Idlewild on the radio (of course it didn't exist yet), so the New York City air traffic controllers were going, "Idlewild? Where's that?"

I can't remember if they were speaking to La Guardia Airport controllers or not. Alas, the program ended with them making another attempt at getting back to the "correct" time period, so we don't know if they ever get back or not....!

I remember thinking that it sounded so strange to hear that name, knowing it would unfortunately be named John F. Kennedy Airport in the future.