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Go For It Embraer

Mon Oct 09, 2000 5:51 pm

Reading the weekend news I was impressed (positively) by the amount of new ERJ orders. It is very good how ERJ is going and everyday someone new add it's order. After Sichuan, AXON, GHANA Airways, Air Moldova, a new Maroc airline, and several others added ERJ to it's fleet, and it is simply fantastic to see the success that it obtained.
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RE: Go For It Embraer

Mon Oct 09, 2000 6:03 pm

I try not to be one of those losers who goes around yelling at people, but I'm from Canada and I have to root for my Bombardier.

Embraer got orders from Ghana Airways, Air Maldova, Sichuan, AXON, and a new Maroc airline? WOW! That order must have amounted to about 9 planes.

Bombardier with the CRJ has been outselling those ERJ's two to one.

The only reason airlines are buying Embraer airplanes is because the Brazilian government is offering subsidies. Cheap!

Face it, ERJ may have gotten more orders on the week, but on the year, you lose. Try beating a 104 airplane order like the one Delta made in June.

CRJ equals numero uno.

Sorry about all that. I couldn't contain myself. I love my Bombardier.
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RE: Go For It Embraer

Mon Oct 09, 2000 6:09 pm

Bombardier sold more planes but CRJ is on the scene since 1990.
If Delta has placed a large CRJ order Continental did the same with ERJ and so did many other airlines.
Anyway, the huge competition between Bombardier, Embraer, Fairchild-Dornier and the others regional jets producers can only improve the quality of aircrafts and their prices.


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