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United 232

Mon Oct 09, 2000 7:15 pm

Hi there.Can anyone tell me What caused the united airlines 232 crash back in 1989 in Sioux City Iowa on the DC-10-30.I belive it was a Hydraulic failure? If so have they Checked other DC 10's so this does not happen again?

RE: United 232

Tue Oct 10, 2000 12:15 am

The GE CF6 tail engine came apart in flight severing all 3 hydraulic lines in the tail making the aircraft uncontrollable. Using the two wing engines for turning the crew crash landed the aircraft at Sioux City. After the Sioux City accident, McDonnell Douglas had airlines install on all DC-10s in service, one-way shutoff valves in the hydraulic lines to prevent a complete loss of hydraulic fluid. These shutoff valves were standard on the L-1011 when it was designed and built, and were added to the 747 after a Japan Airlines crash in 1985 and were standard on the new MD-11 model.