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Runway Ques Of Erau And Purdue

Tue Oct 10, 2000 10:35 am

I know the runway at Purdue can handle a 737NG but can it handle a 747-400 if not than what's the largest plane that can safely land on their runway the same goes for the Arizona and Daytona Campuses at ERAU.
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RE: Runway Ques Of Erau And Purdue

Tue Oct 10, 2000 10:38 am

Unlike the University of Illinois, I do not believe that Purdue's runway could handle a 747-400
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RE: Runway Ques Of Erau And Purdue

Tue Oct 10, 2000 10:43 am

The long runway at Ernest A. Love Field in Prescott, Arizona 7550x150'. While it could be capable of handling larger aircraft the maximum load rating for the runway is 100,000 lbs double tandem. This is mainly to restrict larger heavier aircraft.

DAB's main runway is 10500' long and stressed to handle loaded 747s.

Check out to get this info.
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RE: Runway Ques Of Erau And Purdue

Tue Oct 10, 2000 10:44 am

Well here at ERAU we pride on ourselves on the fact that we've had Air Force One in here before... the longest runway is 10,500' long - and can handle anything that the designers can throw at us, including Rockwell B1-Bs. (we've had one of those too) Neither of which I was here to see.


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RE: Runway Ques Of Erau And Purdue

Tue Oct 10, 2000 1:03 pm

Speaking of our runways with the helluva x-wind we have I wish DL would use 16-34 more often. I was on a flight once and they brought it in on 16 (MD-88) Last night i had the heebegeebees scared out of me watching the plane come in.. its mains did not touch till a good bit down the runway right tire hit 1st then left nose wheel was up in the air, it floated back up turned slightly sideways, straightend back up and then slammed down again took almost all 10,000 feet when things were said and done.. I was thinking here comes Little Rock Part II... If i was a pax or a pilot i would have taken that dircet crosswind on 7L and turn it to my advantage on 16/34 Only logic i see is longer taxi time and a need to block in on time..
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RE: Runway Ques Of Erau And Purdue

Tue Oct 10, 2000 1:53 pm

I recall a conversation I had with LAF airport manager Stroud a few years ago. He said the largest aircraft to ever operate from the airport was DC-8-60 series. He told me that the aircraft was too heavy for the runway, and some damage was done to the asphalt due to the a/c being over the max permitted weight for the runway. Personally, the largest a/c I ever witnessed at LAF was a HP A320, carrying the OSU football team (boo.) 727's and DC-9's are frequent visitors during football season. Purdue used to charter from TWA, I don't know if they still do.

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