737-900 = 757-200

Wed Mar 17, 1999 6:07 am

I have heard somewhere, I cannot remember where (sorry), but I heard a rumor that the 737-900 has the same passenger capacity as a 757-200. Is this true? And if so, what is the point?

By the way, Aircanada 767, this is what I forgot! HE HE

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RE: 737-900 = 757-200

Wed Mar 17, 1999 6:27 am

According to Boeing's Hompage (, the 737-900 seats 177-189 Passengers in 2 classes, and I know that American's 757-200's are configured for 188 seats, so they have essentially the same capacity. My guess is that the point of making both is flkeet commonality-- an airline can choose a 185 seat transport compatable with it's 767 fleet or compatable with it's 737 fleet. Another possibility is that the -900 was developed for WN. I don't know if they've ordered any or not, but they might have wanted an aircraft that size to fit in their all 737 fleet.

RE: 737-900 = 757-200

Wed Mar 17, 1999 6:30 am

Here's another interesting point that airlines may consider- the 737-900 has a list price of $12 million less than the 757-200!

RE: 737-900 = 757-200

Wed Mar 17, 1999 6:48 am

Also is that that 757-200 flys much farther than the 737-900.

BTW, what other airlines ordered the 737-900 then Alaska Airlines and Contientental Airlines?
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RE: 737-900 = 757-200

Wed Mar 17, 1999 7:26 am

The 737-900 and 757-200 do NOT have the same capacity. The 737-900 can carry up to 189 passengers, but the 757-200, in an inclusive-tour configuration, can carry up to 231 passengers. That's 40 more passengers. Also, the 757-200 has a greater range than the 737-900. As for the length of each aircraft, the 737-900 is 138 feet long and the 757-200 is 155 feet long. Hope this helps.
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RE: 737-900 = 757-200

Wed Mar 17, 1999 8:07 am

Maybe there'll be a 737-1000. Who knows?
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RE: 737-900 = 757-200

Wed Mar 17, 1999 11:15 am

Korean and KLM have also ordered the 737-900.
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RE: 737-900 = 757-200

Thu Mar 18, 1999 2:46 am

Key point about the 757 is that it is certified for 180 min ETOPS. The 737NG family only goes to 120 min. It also has longer legs. Also in all-tourist seats the 757 does hold about 40 or 50 more people. The -900 seats the same as the -800 since they didn't increase the number of emergency exits on the aircraft. As Michael pointed out to the 737 is about 12 million dollors less expensive too.

This goes along with what I think Boeings stratagy against Airbus. Optimise their family so that you have many different versions of the 737 suited for many needs and do the same with the 757/767 aircraft. Overlap in capacities isn't a bad thing since the airlines are chosing the family most suited for their routes. I wouldn't be surprised to see Boeing launch a chopped bod -757 either.

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