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Two Runway Incidents In UK Overnight

Wed Oct 11, 2000 3:20 pm

Two separate incidents occurred overnight, involving British airliners, thankfully neither serious or involving serious injury.

In the first, a Cityflyer (BA Franchisee) ATR42 with 43 on board made a diversionary landing at Bournmouth. It was forced to divert after high winds closed Jersey Airport last night (and I can tell you it certainly was windy here!) and while landing at BOH, its nosegear failed. Whether it was due to a problem with the n/gear or a heavy landing is not clear.

In the second incident, a Britannia 757 ran off a taxiway after landing at Gatwick. Again, no serious damage or injuries, but the airport was closed and flight delays. No doubt this crew will be given a right clip around the ear when their flight ops people find out!
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RE: Two Runway Incidents In UK Overnight

Thu Oct 12, 2000 2:53 am

Yes, I heard about that. Flights to LGW were diverted to LHR,STN,LTN and MAN. Has LGW fully reopened again.
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RE: Two Runway Incidents In UK Overnight

Thu Oct 12, 2000 2:57 am

The ATR diverted to BOH with a hydraulic problem which precluded a Jersey landing due to weather.

The problem was obviously real, as the nosewheel collapse resulted.

The Britannia flight was a B767 flying Manchester - Gatwick - Phuket.
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RE: Two Runway Incidents In UK Overnight

Thu Oct 12, 2000 3:15 am

I understood the Britannia incident happened first, the ATR was returning to LGW but then had to divert to Bournmouth because Gatwick was shut.

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