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Sydney Runways

Wed Oct 11, 2000 8:57 pm

Hi to all,

I was hoping someone may be able to help me with a query pertaining to Sydney's international airport. Why is it that runway 7-25 is rarely used for 747's and larger planes in general? I know its significantly shorter than 16R-34L, and that crosswinds would sometimes make the east west runway unusable, but it seems that it is hardly ever used for these larger planes. I remember a time when i was younger when all the big planes would land over my house (under the 7 apporach), but these days Im lucky if its even open for regional props. Why?

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RE: Sydney Runways

Wed Oct 11, 2000 9:29 pm

Hi there.I agree i remember years ago the 07 runway was used i a fair bit as well.One reason why they dont use it as often is because they have the 3rd runway now and also they have to share the aircraft noise.They try to use 16L and 16R as much as they can.Although last night they were using 07 and also early this morning,although not sure if the 747's were using it.Another reason ( i could be wrong here) is the length of the 07-25 runway is considerable shorter than 16.A fully laden jumbo generally needs the full length 16 for take off.
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RE: Sydney Runways

Thu Oct 12, 2000 10:34 am

I was up in SYD yesterday and they were using 07 for landings, and the day before was 25. I fly to SYD regularly and do some work in an office in Lord St. Botany (for those who know SYD). When landings are on 25, it is very distracting.

I have seen departures on 07/25 when the winds have been right. Even some heavies, but I imagine that these are flights operating a relatively short domestic sector before doing the long haul service.