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Attn:flight Attendants

Thu Oct 12, 2000 9:48 am

Please tell me what you say for your pre-departure speech,for example to fasten seatbelt...
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RE: Attn:flight Attendants

Thu Oct 12, 2000 10:07 am

This topic was discussed last week. I gave the united speech prior to closing the boarding door. Just d o a search.
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RE: Attn:flight Attendants

Thu Oct 12, 2000 12:31 pm

wow almost 50 posts in 6 a lot on your mind?

Here's The Announcement:

Thu Oct 12, 2000 1:51 pm

I can give you what I remember, from here at AWA:
(I'll use the A320 as an example speech)

To help ensure a safe and comfortable flight, federal aviation regulations require passenger compliance with crewmembers instructions, lighted information signs and posted placards located throughout the cabin.

As each aircraft is different, we would like to call your attention to certain safety features on the Airbus A320. Please follow along on the information card located in the seat pocket in front of you.

There are four main exit doors on this aircraft, two in the forward cabin and two in the aft cabin. Each exit door is equipped with an evacuation slide which inflates automatically when the exit door is removed. If circumstances require you to open one of these doors, pull the red inflation handle located at the base of the door to ensure proper inflation.

In addition, there are four window exits located over the wings. Each wing is equipped with a dual lane slide which inflates automatically when the window exit is removed. Pull the red inflation handle located in the window frame to ensure proper inflation.

Each exit is clearly marked with a red and white lit sign overhead. If needed, a lighting system along the aisle will direct you to an exit during an emergency. Please take a moment to look around you and locate the exit nearest to you, keeping in mind that it may be right behind you.

Although we do not anticipate a sudden change in cabin pressure, if one should occur, four individual oxygen masks will automatically drop from the unit above your seat. Immediately pull the mask firmly toward you to start the flow of oxygen. Place the mask over your nose and mouth securing it with the elastic strap over your head. Pull the straps on the side of the mask to tighten and breathe normally. If you are travelling with an infant or small child, secure your mask first then assist your child with an additonal mask. A uniformed crew member will let you know when the masks are no longer needed.

At this time, please make sure that your seat belts are securely fastened for take off and that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright and locked position.

To fasten your seat belts, insert the metal fitting into the buckle. To tighten, pull the loose end away from you and to unfasten, lift up on the metal flap located on top of the buckle. Make sure the belt fits low and tight around your waste.

If a water landing should occur, your seat cushions are designed to be used as a flotation device. Lift up on the back of the cushion and put both arms through the red straps on the buttom, then pull the cushion close to your chest.

Just as every other America West flight, this is a non-smoking flight. Federal law prohibits tampering with, destroying, or disabling any smoke detector in an airplane lavatory. Lavatories are located in the aft section of the aircraft, and in the forward section exclusively for our first class passengers.

At this time, please make sure that all carryon items are stored in the overhead bins or underneath the seat in front of you.

If at anytime during the flight we can do anything to make your flight more enjoyable or you need our assistance, please feel free to call on any one of us. You'll find your call button located in the unit above your seat.

(Sometimes at this point, we'll announce that beverage or meal service will be started shortly after take-off... as well as audio or video entertainment.)

We know you have a choice when you fly, and we'd like to thank you for choosing America West. We hope you enjoy your (hh:mm) flight to (city).
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RE: Attn:flight Attendants

Thu Oct 12, 2000 2:28 pm

General Boarding

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard. Before departure, we would like toreview a few saftey items with you. Please make sure that your carry on items are properly put away in an overhead compartment, or under the seat infront of you, making sure that all asiles and exits are clear.

Please do not place detachable luggage carts in an overhead compartment, as they may cause other items to fall. Carts as well as heavy items should be placed under the seat infront of you. All items in an overhead compartment should lie as flat as possible. If you are having any problems with your carry-on items, please ask a flight attendant for assistance.

Electronic Devices
Portable electronic devices, such as CD players, calculators, and laptop computers, should now be turned off and remain off until 10 minutes after take off. Radio and remote control devices are not approved for use onboard at anytime.

Preparing fro Departure

Seat Belt Announcement

Before we can movce from the gate, all passengers must be seated with their seatbelt fastened. So, may we ask all of you who are still standing to please take your seats now, fasten your seat belts and put your tray tables away.

Door Preperation
Ladies and Gentlemen, its now _____ and we are ready for departure.

Cellular phones may no longer be used until we are parked at the gate of our destination. As a reminder, all other electronic devices must now be turned off and remain so until ten minutes after take off.

Flight Attendants arm doors for departure.

(This should come after the captain's welcome)

Good_______Ladies and Gentlemen. On behalf of Untied Airlines we would like to welcome you onboard United flight _____ with serivce to __________. My name is _____ and I'm your purser today. Its a pleasure to have you flying with us.

Shortly we will be showing you a safety demonstration highlighting the safety feature s of this 737. We know that many of you fly frequently, so to reinforce what you already know, and to enable those around you to hear our saftey procedures, we ask that you give us your full attention.

Safety Demonstration

Safety Card/Exit Row

Flight Attendants are standing in the asile holding a safety inforamtion card. Please take the card out and follow along with us as we cover the safety information of this 737. If you are seated in an exit row, you may be required to assist the crew in an emergency evacuation. If you are unable to preform the functions on the safety card, or wish to be reseated, please advise a crew member following these announcements.

Seat Belts
For take off your seat belt must be fastened. Insert the metal fitting in to the buckle, and tighten the belt by pulling on the loose end of the strap. To release lift the buckle flap. When the seatbelt sign is on, please be seated with your seatbelt fastened at all times, to protect your self from any un-expected turbulence.

--------More to come. I'm tired of typing...I'm hungry...I'll finish it tomorrow
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Air Canada PA Text

Thu Oct 12, 2000 4:32 pm

Here's the PAs from Air Canada, as best as I can recall. Keep in mind all cities, flight nbrs, times, etc. are the ones I've used as examples only.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome on board Air Canada flight number 139, non stop Airbus A320 service from Ottawa to Vancouver. Captain Bob Smith and First Officer Jim Jones have informed me that our flying time to Vancouver this evening will be 5 hours and 18 minutes, traveling at a planned cruising altitude of 34000 feet, with a time of 5 hours and 31 minutes from gate to gate. On behalf of myself, the Captain and First Officer, your Toronto based Flight Attendant crew, and everyone here at Air Canada and our Star Alliance partners, it is our pleasure to serve you this evening, and we wish you a pleasant flight.”

“Bonjour, madames et messieurs, et bienvenue a bord Air Canada numero de vol un cent treinte-neuf, Airbus trois deux un service de Ottawa a Vancouver...” (etc, etc, etc)

“Ladies and gentlemen, in preparation for departure, all aisles and exits must be clear. All passengers must be seated with your seatbelts securely fastened, your seat backs and table trays in their upright and locked positions, and your carry on luggage securely stowed, either underneath the seat in front of you, or in the overhead bins. For your safety, all heavy and/or large carry on items should be stowed underneath the seat in front of you, with lighter, smaller items stored in the overhead bin. If there is insufficient space for your carry on articles, please call a Flight Attendant.
“Ladies and gentlemen, Air Canada is pleased to provide a smoke-free environment on board all of our systemwide flights. In keeping with this policy, smoking or the usage of any other tobacco product is expressly prohibited on board this and all other Air Canada aircraft. For your safety, all lavatories have been equipped with highly sensitive smoke detectors. We would also call your attention to the fact that it is against Transport Canada regulations for any passenger to consume alcohol on board a commercial flight which was not served by a crew member.
“At this time, all electronic devices must be switched off and stowed. The use of electronic devices is not permitted at any time while the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign is on. Once the sign has been switched off, you may retrieve and operate any approved electronic device. Due to possible interference with the aircraft’s navigational and communications systems, some electronic devices are entirely prohibited from on board use. These include, but are not limited to, cellular phones, pagers, and radios, as well as any outboard peripheral device connected to a laptop computer, such as a mouse or a printer. If in doubt, please consult a Flight Attendant.
“Ladies and gentlemen, your Flight Attendants are fully trained in all safety procedures and operation of safety equipment, and in the event of an emergency, we are here to help ensure your well being. We would appreciate it if your would direct your attention to the display screen nearest you as we screen a short video highlighting some of the safety features of the Air Canada Airbus 320, and if your would remove the safety card from the seat pocket in front of you and follow along with the video. Thank you.”

“In final preparation for departure, please ensure that your seatbelts are securely fastened, your seatbacks and tray tables in their upright and stowed positions, and that your carry on luggage has been securely stowed. We remind you that smoking is prohibited, as is the use of electronic devices at any time while the ‘fasten seat belt sign’ is on. We will now be switching off the cabin lighting for nighttime operations; please rest assured that this is standard operating procedure, and that you may use the reading lamps located in the passenger service unit above your heads if you wish. Once again, we hope you enjoy your flight, and welcome on board this Vancouver-bound flight number 139, operated by Air Canada, a Star Alliance member.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, once again, good evening and welcome on board Air Canada 139 nonstop to Vancouver. After we have reached our cruising altitude and Captain Smith has switched off the seat belt sign, you are free to move around the cabin, but Air Canada policy dictates that passengers must have their seatbelts fastened at all times while seated due to possible unexpected turbulence.
“As we reach cruise, we will begin our cabin service. We will distribute headsets, which are complimentary, but must be returned at the end of the flight; as well, we will begin the standard bar and beverage service, accompanied by the dinner service. All non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary to all passengers, and alcoholic items are compliments of Air Canada in Executive Class. In Hospitality Service, there is a nominal charge for alcoholic drinks. Please note that exact change is always greatly, greatly appreciated by your Flight Attendants. For our meal service, we offer two choices in Hospitality Service this evening, those being chicken or pasta. About an hour and a half out of Vancouver, we will run a second bar and beverage service.
“Please use caution while opening the overhead bins, as some articles may have shifted during take off.
“We will be beginning our audio/visual entertainment shortly. For the audio guide, please consult your copy of EnRoute magazine, located in the seat pocket in front of you. We will begin tonight’s video presentation with the CBC News in English, followed by the Societe Radio-Canada version in French, along with sports and the Bloomberg Business News. Then we will be showing our main feature, The Bachelor, followed by an episode of TV’s Frasier. For the movie and the short feature, the English audio is on Channel One, with the French on Channel Two.
“We would like to do whatever we can to make your flight with us as enjoyable as possible, so please feel free to ask a Flight Attendant if we can do anything to make your flight more pleasant. We’ll bring around pillows and blankets after the dinner service, for those of you who want to sleep during the flight. If you experience motion discomfort, our cabin crew is trained to assist.
“We thank you for choosing Air Canada, and once again, we wish you a pleasant flight. Welcome on board.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, as we have now begun our descent into Vancouver, Flight Attendants will be coming through the cabin to collect cups and other trash. Please note that all food and beverage items must be consumed or disposed of before landing. All headsets which are property of Air Canada will also be collected.
“Please switch off and stow any electronic devices in anticipation of the seat belt light illuminating, and we recommend that all passengers remain in your seats with your seat belts fastened. Your seat backs and tray tables should be returned to their upright and locked positions, and all of your carry on items should be securely stowed, keeping in mind the warning about heavy items in the overheads. Also, please refrain from using the lavatory if possible. Thank you.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is now required that all passengers be in your seats with your seat belts securely fastened, as Captain Smith has just switched on the ‘fasten seat belt’ light. All electronic devices must be switched off and stowed as well. We thank you very much for choosing to fly with Air Canada this evening, and on behalf of all of us here at Air Canada, we hope you’ve enjoyed your flight.”

“In final preparation for landing, please ensure your seat belts are securely fastened, and that your seatbacks and table trays are in their upright and locked positions, with your carry on luggage securely stowed. Thank you.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the current local time is 9:52 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please remain in your seats with your seat belts securely fastened until the aircraft has come to a full and complete stop at the terminal building, and the captain has switched off the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign. Please use caution while removing items from the overhead bins as some articles may have shifted during landing. We ask you to refrain from using any portable electronic device until you are well inside the terminal building, and please do not use any form of tobacco product until you are in a designated smoking area, or are outside. If you require assistance in leaving the aircraft, please remain in your seat until all other passengers have deplaned, and we will be happy to assist you once the aisle is free. For information on connecting flights, baggage claim, and other such matters, please consult airport signage, flight information display monitors, or any uniformed Air Canada agent.
“Ladies and gentlemen, with the termination of Air Canada flight 139, I would like to thank you for choosing Air Canada, and we hope to serve you again. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Vancouver.”
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RE: Attn:flight Attendants

Thu Oct 12, 2000 7:55 pm

"Khawateen au Hazraat, aap say gozarish hay kay apnay hifazati bund bandh leejeeay" thats Urdu for "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are requested to please fasten your seatbelts" 
.....up there with the best!
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RE: Attn:flight Attendants

Thu Oct 12, 2000 8:54 pm

As I remember, this is the final announcement upon landing onboard Northwest:
I was flying BWI-DTW:
"Northwest Airlines welcomes you to Detroit where the local time is approximately 2:30. Once again we ask that you remain seated with your seat belts safe and securely fastened until we are parked at the gate and teh captain has turned off the seat belt sign; that will be your one and only indication that is is safe to get up from your seat. As you are unloading your carry-on luggage from the overhead bins please exercise additional caution as bags have a tendency to shift during flight. For those of you continuing on flight 1141 to Milwaukee, there is a change of equipment. Departure time is 3:10 from gate C as in Charlie 11. On behalf of our captain, first officer, and this Detroit-based flight crew, we thank you for choosing Northwest and we hope to serve you again in the future. We hope you have a pleasant afternoon here in Detroit or in the city of your final destination. Flight attendants doors for arrival, cross-check, and all-call."
Go Blue!!
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RE: Attn:flight Attendants

Thu Oct 12, 2000 9:09 pm

MikeYEG, how is it that you could remember all of those details? I thought you were a flight attendant who had memorized that after saying it a thousand times. But I looked at your profile and you are a student in the 16-20 age group.

Did you record that with a camcorder?

Just curious.

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