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Thu Oct 12, 2000 5:56 pm

Hey folks!
I am booked on a flight to go to London Heathrow from Sydney, Australia, flying Egyptair. The proposed aircraft is an A340-200 and a B777-200. What are these aircraft like? I was just wondering If anyone had any thoughts or experiences about Egyptair they could share. The tickets were very cheap, $1620 AUD. What is their cabin service and safety proceedures like?

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Thu Oct 12, 2000 6:33 pm

I flew the same service to Cairo from Sydney about a year ago and while I thought I was going to get the 777 one way I ended up with the A340 in both directions. The F/a's were very helpful and friendly and both aircraft that I had were very comfortable and I thought attractive looking. The food was really good but I really have no Idea what it was.
As for the safety procedures They seem to do the same as every other airline with a visual demonstration, thankfully I didn't sample the real thing, but I doubt you will either. Many people here will tell you the A340 climbs slowly and takes longer to reach it's destination and consider these as faults. In fact you probably wont notice the slower rate of climb or a slightly longer flight.
Have fun.
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RE: Egyptair

Fri Oct 13, 2000 1:39 am

i thought egyptair used a 747 to london heathrow ?!?
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RE: Egyptair

Fri Oct 13, 2000 1:45 am

Depending on pax loads they have a 747 once a week
otherwise 777 or A300-600.
I find they often change equipment on the LON route.