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Medivac Chopper Pilot Passes Out In Hospital

Mon May 14, 2012 8:01 am

I hope this is the proper forum for this topic ?

Several weeks ago my fiance' was in the hospital for 19 days; they just added a new wing to the hospital about 2 yrs ago, and everything about the new wing is far beyond what one usually thinks of when they think about hospitals.

Her room was on the fourth floor, and as it happened, the helicopter pad was right outside her room window, and was built on top of the roof of the third floor of the the older building. As it was only like 30 or 40 feet from the windows, (which are "wall to wall", to the landing pad, and because I was spending 12 to 14 hrs a day in her room, I started taking my D SLR and my tripod with me every day, thinking what a marvelous "vantage point" I had, to photograph any medivac helo that might land; another thing about this hospital is the nurses; not only are they all very friendly, but they all seemed to "hang out" in my fiance's room, like she was their favorite patient.

After a few days and not a single helicopter, I started asking one of the nurses about how often they came and went.
She said sometimes not for a few days, but then sometimes 2 or 3 in one day; then she told me, a few months back, one helo had landed on the pad, shut down, and while the pilot was inside the hospital, another helo came in, and was hovering, waiting for the first helo to take off; just about that time, the pilot who was inside the hospital actually passed out.

She said he "came too" right away, and becoming aware of the 2nd helo needing to land, was hurrying to get back out to his helicopter ! At this point, someone, a doctor maybe, says, "oh no, you can't fly anymore just now, and we are in the process of getting another pilot for your helicopter; then, a few minutes later, a third helo shows up, this one having the new pilot for the first helo; plus now there are 2 helicopters waiting to land, and the helicopter on the pad has no pilot at the moment !

From my 40 yrs experience of being a commercial driver, the one thing you never even want to say around the company is "pass out"; and actually doing it could very easily lead to becoming "un-employed"; I'm not at all familiar with F.A.A. rules, but I'm assuming they must be at least as stringent, and probably more so than the rules having to do with truck drivers. None of the nurses seemed to know what happened to the helo pilot that passed out.

Would anyone care to enlighten us about this, as it regards to medivac helicopter flight crew ?

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