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Spotting At Ft. Lauderdale

Fri Oct 13, 2000 12:54 am

A quick bit of help please. I have heard about the photo holes in the fence alongside of 9L. Can someone please confirm that they still exsist and are they off of SW 36th St. Any other prime spots for photos. I am coming to Ft. Lauderdale on Monday and will be in the area for one week.

Thanks folks.

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RE: Spotting At Ft. Lauderdale

Fri Oct 13, 2000 6:28 am

funny you should say that cause I am going to FLL tomorrow until sunday. I will look for good spots, but there typically isn't anything interesting there except a Tristar or 767-400(?). My parents aren't big into aviation but I will try as best as I can.

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RE: Spotting At Ft. Lauderdale

Fri Oct 13, 2000 11:53 am

The holes are still there. The great thing about FLL is that you will be very close to the runway. You'll most likely see a Fedex DC10 and A300 take off, and you will see jetblue. You should be familiar with the rest. Have fun! And also, you may see many charter flights for cruises.
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RE: Spotting At Ft. Lauderdale

Sat Oct 14, 2000 12:43 am

Drive around the 9L for good spots, I also like right next to the railroad, west of it. You'll see nice final approuches if their landing on on 9L. Also their is a parking lot garage, which you can go to the top with a nice vantige point at the end of 9L. While your their you should also look into MIA. Their should be many posts of good spots at MIA in forums here.

Hope you have a nice stay in Fort Lauderdale.

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RE: Spotting At Ft. Lauderdale

Sat Oct 14, 2000 2:22 am

The holes are indeed still there! If you pull over on the interstate, you can snap some impressive pictures of the entire Ft. Lauderdale airport. If you get a chance, try to make the drive north to Orlando Int'l. There is one of my favorite picture taking areas at a pull-off on the interstate. Have fun!
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