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Gulf Air - Is The End Near?

Mon May 21, 2012 5:39 pm

I think Gulf Air is in a huge mess, it lost so much money (billions of dollars) even during the boom years of the mid 2000s. It also lost all confidence in it by the public and customers. Even the parliament is blocking a lifeline and it seems just enough money will be pumped to sustain the airline till years end.

It's a pitty. All my travels are on Low cost and efficient Bahrain Air. Gulf Air had become synonymous with flight delays, old aircraft, horrible horrible food and embezzlement.

Very sad. Gulf Air used to be the leader and ranked along British Airways and Cathay Pacific. Not until the government naively handed the management of the airline to locals who had good intentions but knew nothing of running an airline.

It's difficult to say but the only option left is liquidation given airlines' finances globally and the civil unrest in Bahrain which will make it difficult for anyone to take interest and invest into GF.

Government should form a new private sector driven full service airline and sufficiently capitalized perhaps with Saudi Investors participating. Start from scratch.
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RE: Gulf Air - Is The End Near?

Mon May 21, 2012 6:55 pm

Its a sad end for what was a great little airline. I flew with them several times and loved them. One snippet I recall was on Bahrain tv back in the 80's when an airline blanket salesman turned up. I know I know! Anyways he told how Gulf Air ordered 1500 blankets a month! Imagine 1500 blankets went missing every month! Then I recalled taking off from Doha once and these three locals boarded wearing full robes having just hitched their Camels at the airport. They were given a blanket each and they looked a little puzzled. Eventually they simply wrapped them around their heads like a Turban. At LHR they disembarked still wearing them and off they went!