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New livery for Sabena

Tue Nov 17, 1998 7:27 am

Sabena is going to have an all new paint scheme on their newly delivered Airbusses, rumours are that it will be quite eye-catching !
They are also on the verge of changing their uniforms.
What kind of livery would you like to see on Sabena planes, what sort of uniform? Let your imagination boil over...
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RE: New livery for Sabena

Tue Nov 17, 1998 7:35 am

nothing that is too dark with a little cheatline (United and USAirways, you know who I am talking about)
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RE: New livery for Sabena

Tue Nov 17, 1998 8:14 am

Sabena changed it's livery about five years ago. Would they do it again now? If they do I think a light blue fuselage and tail with medium blue billboard "SABENA" titles and medium blue tail logo would be neat. This with the Belgian and European flags on each engine nacelle.

Such A Beautiful Experience Now Again.

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