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Update About The B 707 Near Nablus

Mon May 28, 2012 3:22 pm

Some years ago, there was a thread about the B 707 stored near Nablus but I thought it would be worth to give an update and to share some photos, since the 707 was moved and the wings have been removed. Moderators, please delete or move if this is not the right location.

I was absolutely gobsmacked when I realized that I am accommodated in the City, in which some businessmen stored a Boeing 707.
B 707-328 msn 18246/269. First flight was on 05th February 1962 and delivery just a few days later on 16th February 1962 to Air France as F-BHSS. In June 1978 IAF bought this plane from AF.

The B 707 is next to the entrance road when entering Nablus from the Northeastern side. Google maps doesn’t show the exact location. It seems as if the plans to start recreational park didn’t materialize. The property now belongs now to a construction supply business. To have more space they moved the fuselage to the northern edge of the site and they also didn’t reinstall the wings. I am not too sad about this because before the wings were “kind of” attached to the fuselage but not in the correct angle. It looked almost like a Tu 134.

Front section

Wing box, Ferpe, CM, any comments

Wings, as described above, lying next to the fuselage

Should you ever travel from Tubas to Nablus this is what you will see first.

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