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AA & Air Tahiti Nui Formalize Codeshare

Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:01 pm

Air Tahiti Nui and American Airlines announced commence code-share relations linking Tahiti with LAX and 15 beyond US markets.
As proposed AA would code-share on TN's PPT-LAX service, with TN code-sharing on AA routes from LAX. (understand these will be Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, NYC, Washington, Las Vegas, Miami, Reno, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tucson, Salt Lake)

Here is press release:

Previously AA had a frequent flyer relationship with TN where members could redeem miles on TN.

I wonder if this is a step in the long rumored TN entry into an alliance? Earlier TN also expanded its Qantas code-share via AKL.
Interesting no AA code-share on TN LAX-CDG service - this is the route that probably needs to support as its so long and costly to operate.
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RE: AA & Air Tahiti Nui Formalize Codeshare

Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:03 pm

I don't think that an AA codeshare out of LAX is a direct sign of any alliance talks regarding TN. Rather, I think this is a smart tie up between TN and one of LAX's major players to promote the TN brand, Tahiti, and fill up otherwise empty seats on an airline that needs as many full seats and high yielding pax as it can get. I think TN would be smart to tie up with AS to shore up west coast traffic. While AA and QF are big oneworld carriers, I wouldn't read too much into their oneworld commonality. Australia, New Zealand, and the US are potentially big tourism markets for Tahiti, and AA and QF are major carriers that serve those markets.

As for no AA code on LAX-CDG, could that be because TN competes with AA/BA/IB on LAX-LHR/MAD-CDG?
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RE: AA & Air Tahiti Nui Formalize Codeshare

Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:30 am

Yes confirmed but I would never never never fly Air Tahiti Nui
Read this

I can't believe that AA wants to codeshare with this airline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But they protect there market not many other airlines can fly to Tahiti.
I would rather swing than fly with Air Tahiti
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RE: AA & Air Tahiti Nui Formalize Codeshare

Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:11 am

Quoting Skippy777 (Reply 2):

Interesting to read that article as it appears to me that most of the fault lay with the airport at Faa'a in Tahiti. And some lay with the inexperience of the passengers. That first transit stop is clearly too long to expect to wait in an airport lounge (unless you're a premium class passenger and this wasn't made clear) and anyone who's travelled would have known this, but yes the airline/website/travel agent etc should have made this abundantly clear at booking stage. I'd be really distressed with the apparent attitude and lack of care from the cabin crew at this point though, they should have been all care as they clearly held no responsibilty.

TN is commonly rated very highly by passengers in all classes and I'd have no qualms in flying with them. I believe this review to be an exception rather than the rule. I do feel sorry for this passenger but also that I'd not have let it stand and kicked up a bit more of a fuss if my expectations had not been met.

Back to topic, hope this works well for the cash-strapped airline that haemorrhages Franc to the point where the island's economy will continue to be viable only with the ongoing patronage of Paris.

S'il vous plaît!

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