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Weak Cargo Business At MUC

Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:47 pm

Why is MUC cargo business doing so poor compared to other nearby major european airports like FRA, AMS, BRU, CDG, LHR, CGN etc.

I've seen many carriers trying to start cargo business here with freighters (CX, EK, SQ, YQ) and most of them 744Fs. But none really survived (except YQ maybe, but didn't see their IL96's here since quite a while).
I can remember CX coming with 744F 3 times weekly, reducing to 2 times, 1 time and finally trucking only.
Almost same time, KE trying to compete with CX and shortly after burried.
SQ sending 744F but stopping.
EK sending the "Sky Cargo" stuff here but can't see anymore (not even Formula 1 charters if i'm not mistaken?).

Now there's only some Fedex and DHL parcel traffic besides quite rare MS freighters and PAX-aircraft cargo.

Why is there no real freighter business established in MUC? Sure, FRA is really close and it's one of europes biggest hubs, but still there should be much more demand with advantages like being closer to italy, switzerland and poland. Is pax-aircraft enough to fill cargo demand also? Of course a 777 or 747 or several smaller aircraft daily fill up quite some cubic meters, but not enough demand for a freighter?