L1011-50 How Reliable

Sat Oct 14, 2000 2:05 pm

As an experienced travel agent from LAX, I have booked passengers travelling to Hawaii using L1011 aircraft as well as DC 10 equipment. However , I need information on which two of these aircrafts is more reliable as far safety, mechanical features and etc...



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Sat Oct 14, 2000 5:10 pm

From a statistical point of view, the L1011 outstrips the DC10 by miles. In reality, it comes down to the maintenance and training standards of each airline: I'd take Delta over TWA, for example; or ATA over Sun Country. But that's just my personal opinion.

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Sun Oct 15, 2000 10:38 am

Thank you
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RE: L1011-50 How Reliable

Sun Oct 15, 2000 10:46 am

You cannot beat a L-1011 in terms or safety. Shes the most advanced plane of her time, but maybe a little bit of a maintenance hazard.
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RE: L1011-50 How Reliable

Sun Oct 15, 2000 12:26 pm


What airlines are we talking about?

By next year there will be very few, if any L1011s or DC10s in any of the majors' fleets. As Ceilidh said, it's more of the airline's maintenance procedures and standards then anything else.

As you've seen, the L1011 is a favorite among the forum members here. However, it's a well-known that Delta's maintenance of the L1011 lately has not been as good as it was a few years ago since Delta doesn't want to put major time or effort into machines that will be retired in the next few months. I don't know how ATA takes care of their birds, however.

There have been some well-publicized events recently about the DC-10 in the hands of AA, UA, and CO. All are getting rid of them within the next year or so.

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RE: L1011-50 How Reliable

Sun Oct 15, 2000 12:33 pm

Both airplanes would be great! I would personally choose the L-1011 over the DC-10. AKelley728 is right... delta's L-1011s are always "broke", but I don't think it's a big problem. They won't let the plane go up if something is wrong.


RE: L1011-50 How Reliable

Mon Oct 16, 2000 3:44 am