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747-400 ENGINES

Tue Nov 17, 1998 7:50 am

Which engine is better for a 747-400 is the RB211-534 g/h, the CF6-80E, or the PW4056. And why do airlines choose these specific engines. For example KLM loves GE, Qantas love RR so does BA. So how does an airline know which engine to choose from.
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RE: 747-400 ENGINES

Tue Nov 17, 1998 8:30 am

I guess they evaluate each engine by examining the specs and how each affect the performance of the aircraft: cost, weight, fuel burn, thrust generated,... It all depends on the operations of the airline, how much cargo they carry, how the aicraft is configured, routes flown. Example: if we choose the PW over the GE then the 747 will weight that much and that much thrust will be generated, after a 12hr flight at FL350 that much fuel will be burned,...see all these things are taken into account.
It also depends on the relationship the airline has with the engine manufacturer. It is no surprise that United chose the PW 4056 for it's 747-400 fleet because of the long-time United-Boeing-Pratt&Whitney relationship. Northwest also by principle chooses PW engines on all of its Boeing products. British Airways, Cathay, Qantas and South African Airways chose the Rolls Royce power plant, it's normal since they are carriers from a country under British influence. (now why BA chose the GE engines for the 777, that I don't know).
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RE: 747-400 ENGINES

Tue Nov 17, 1998 10:36 am

It depends upon the experience they've had with them. for instance, I hear Delta refuses to use Pratt and Whitney engines anymore because of the incident that occurred with a JT8D engine on an MD88. part of the fan disk separated and sent metal shrapnel into the fuselage, killing 2 passengers.
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RE: 747-400 ENGINES

Tue Nov 17, 1998 11:54 am

That Delta observation is quite interesting, by the way BA chose RR engines for the next batch of 777's
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RE: 747-400 ENGINES

Wed Nov 18, 1998 12:57 am

The Rolls Royce engines are probably the best 747-400 engines availible due to there low fuel burn and high thrust capabilities. Cathay Pacific has installed the newest R&R engines on one of their 747-400 and have found it to be even better than the G/H model
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