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Strikes Grounds Pluna Until Friday

Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:04 am

According to the uruguayan press:


El sindicato de funcionarios de Pluna decidió activar un paro desde la noche de este martes hasta el mediodía del viernes, lo que generó que la compañía decida cancelar la operativa.

On a free translation:
Pluna's workers union decided to strike from tuesday night until friday noon. that made the airline cancel its operations.

According to the press the workers are protesting against the possible cut of 200 jobs in the airline. They also complain about the "lack of transparency" from the local governent regarding what they are doing to keep the airline afloat.

Pluna's planes at GIG, GRU and BSB, where they usually sepnd the night for early morning services back to Uruguay, will be ferried back to MVD empty so Pluna doesn't have planes outside it's base.

All of Pluna's flights from 2120 (GMT -3) onwards are cancelled but those three:

Pluna PU 6637 01:03 01:03 San Pablo On Time
Pluna PU 6622 01:30 01:30 Brasilia On Time
Pluna PU 6632 02:40 02:40 Río de Janeiro On Time

Those three are the ferry flights mentioned above.

More can be read here:

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