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Question About Delta Wi-Fi Signage On PSUs

Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:25 pm

I saw the photo in the thread showing new illuminated Wi-Fi signs on a Delta 757 and moving the No Smoking symbol (now non-illuminated) to the right of it. Also, I flew N3752 (737-800) last May, and it had a similar layout of symbols on the PSU, although the Wi-Fi sign was non-illuminated (presumably since DL's 738s never had illuminated No Smoking signs).

I would like to know, does DL plan installing this illuminated Wi-Fi signage fleetwide? Of course, the 737/757 PSUs have a lot of space between the symbols, while other types do not, so the No Smoking symbols would have to be printed on somewhere else. Also, since the 737NGs and 77Ls do not have illuminated No Smoking signs, they would probably have to get non-illuminated Wi-Fi signage.
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