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AF 777/A340

Sun Oct 15, 2000 4:14 am

Will Air France order the 777-200LR? It makes a lot of sense that they would, as they've already ordered the 777-300ER. Do they plan to order any new A340's, or are they going to go all 777?
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RE: AF 777/A340

Sun Oct 15, 2000 4:28 am

I believe they have every intention of operating both the 777 and A340. They have recently acquired several new A340-300E aircraft (replacing the handful of -200 in the fleet) and also have (or will?) upgrade their original -300s to higher gross weight standards. The 777-200, and, of course, the -300 carry more pax than the A340s; the 777s are replacing AF's mismatched fleet of 747-100/200/300, some of which came from UTA, and are in a myriad of different seating configurations. AF's long haul/wide-body fleet in the future will probably be A330-200,A340-300,777-200/300, and a limited number of 747-400 aircraft, with the older 747s, A300s, A310s, B767s all being disposed of.
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RE: AF 777/A340

Sun Oct 15, 2000 4:36 am

The A-340s were forced on AF before the airline became private and was owned by the government. They serve their purpose, but thats about it. The 777 is greatly prefered by pilots and flight attendants. I am sure AF Cabin Crew can elaborate on this.
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Air France Fleet

Sun Oct 15, 2000 4:37 am


So far, there are no plans for a 777-200LR purchase.

The A340-300 fleet will be kept to the current levels, while the 777 fleet should grow, as Mr. Spinetta, Air France's CEO said.

The reason why there are different configurations between the 747-200s is because they operate some of the on the French West Indies (with a higher density configuration) and some on the 'main' long-haul network.

The 747-400s will soon all have the same all-pax layout, 747-300s are all high-density configured, and... There aren't any 747-100 left in the fleet!  )

Here is what Air France fleet will look like

The retired fleets:
737-300 (on the long term)
737-500 (on the long term)
747-300 (on the long term)

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