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Becoming A Pilot?

Sun Oct 15, 2000 5:55 am

Hi everyone, i have this huhe dilema, and its how do i become a pilot?? well i know how but i'm very curious as to how other new pilots or people in training, raised enough funds to get that 40000$ that is needed. i just wish that someone could sponsor me!!!! But i'm 21 and taking out a oan like that would be huge and my own money that i'm saving is going no where, so i'm very interssred in how other people have done it?
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RE: Becoming A Pilot?

Sun Oct 15, 2000 6:04 am will answer all your questions pertaining to a career as a commercial airline pilot.
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RE: Becoming A Pilot?

Sun Oct 15, 2000 6:10 am

I believe Silver_wing767 is not asking how to go about getting the training, but how to afford it. Well, in my case, I used some of the college fund since I got some scholarships to help pay for college. Most people just have to bite the bullet and fork over the cash. If your lucky, you might have a good friend who is an instructor and will teach you for a discount, or even for free (not counting the price of the airplane).  
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