IAH Airport Festival

Sun Oct 15, 2000 7:48 am

It was great. It was celebrated in the Continental hangar, right next to runway 26. They let us walk on the apron and go inside a Fedex DC-10. The airplanes were so close to us it was so cool. It was the 19th annual festival.

Did anyone else go?
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RE: IAH Airport Festival

Sun Oct 15, 2000 3:07 pm

Missed it this year. Last year they didn't have very much. Nice to see FedEx brought a real airplane this year instead of an A310. Did they sell CO DC-3 rides this year? Last year I paid $50 and had a blast.

Just a reminder, Hobbyfest is November 18-19. I went last year and there's tons more stuff there than they've ever had at IAH Appreciation Day. Last year they had the Save A Connie L-1049H, a BAC 111, and a brand new WN 737-700. The Connie will be back this year. They also plan to have the CO DC-3 and a Convair 580.

RE: IAH Airport Festival

Mon Oct 16, 2000 9:02 am

no they didn't have a CO DC3 there.

Another thing that was great. There were many airlines there: Lufthansa, Delta, Aeromexico, American, Northwest/KLM, TWA. They gave away lots of cool stuff.