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Boeing and Airbus

Thu Mar 18, 1999 6:07 am

One factor which I feel is most important in the previous discussion but which has not really been addressed is "who is the company's boss." Boeing has to answer to public shareholders. Airbus is further delaying its transformation into a Single Corporate Entity. Until then, each will have advantages and disadvantages over the other. I am amused however at Airbus now obviously overoptomistic claims for A3XX launch and funding requirements, and changeover to a Single Corporate Entity. They are now delaying both by at least 18 months. Those of us who read this forum love airliners and aircraft, but the real nuts and bolts for Airbus and Boeing are the financial/economic issues and it is there I believe Boeing has far and away the most experience. Other than that, they do both make fine products.
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RE: Boeing and Airbus

Thu Mar 18, 1999 6:16 am

Beautifully stated. That is an issue that is often over looked.
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RE: Boeing and Airbus

Thu Mar 18, 1999 6:32 am

I agree with both of you.
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RE: Boeing and Airbus

Thu Mar 18, 1999 6:48 am

I agree the financial issues are the most important for the 2 manufacturers, even more than the beauty of their planes.

I don't agree that Airbus is overoptomistic with the A3XX, in fact the launch was delayed to 2005 (I think). The A3XX is a conceipt that will be ready when the market is ready to receive it, not now.

Credit must be given to Airbus because in a few more than 2 decades has almost 50% share market.

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RE: Boeing and Airbus

Thu Mar 18, 1999 7:02 am

Living in the Puget Sound area, local aviation enthusiasts have a different feel for the entire commercial aircraft market. We love our Boeing and their aircraft here.

With all the financial experience that Boeing has in the market, it is Airbus who is changing the competitive landscape. Their aggressive priceing has forced Boeing to compete on their terms. It it crucial that Boeing can prove that their products are a good value in the long run, despite having somewhat higher airplane prices. I believe they are doing so.

The current focus is on producing model derrivatives that provide the best economics while filling their customers' changing needs. I think that it is a winning strategy.

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Airbus: 50% of the market?

Thu Mar 18, 1999 8:02 am

Lets not forget that Boeing is suffering from the Asian crisis. Boeing recently said that the Asian market will overtake both North America & Europe as Boeings largest market. Look at all the orders that some Asian ailrlines have delayed and how about the NEW airliners that a few asian carriers have in storage.

I am interested to see what will happen when Airbus becomes a single company. After all, probably the two most inportant factors in Airbus's recent success in garnering orders out side of the Consortium (Spellling) nations are price & delivery times. Remember that BAe said that The $200m Airbus lost last year was do in no small part to Boeings continual lowering of the price of the 737.

Once a single company, Airbus will probably have to raise its prices just as Boeing did last year becaues its depressed share price was upsetting share holders. Until Airbus is a single is company & and the Asian crisis is fully resolved it is only then that we can properly gague the competition between the two.